Webinar (free of charge) "Digital Education: Perspectives and Quality Assurance"

Date: Wednesday, 01.03.2023

Time: 09:00-11:45 CET

Format: Presentation, Panel Discussion & Roundtable Discussion

Location: Webinar on Zoom

Please let us know in the comments box below which Roundtable you wish to attend. You may list up to 3 Roundtables, according to your preference.


RTD 1: Learning in the 21st century: Where will you be in five years?
RTD 2: All eyes on the Teacher: How can faculties and institutions support the digital teacher?
RTD 3: Managing technical Innovation: Balancing modern technology and contemporary teaching!
RTD 4: Online, Blended or Hybrid: What are our motivations for choosing a particular format?
RTD 5: New insights into the Learning Process: What role do learning analytics play in your quality assurance?


MBA Mag.ª Diane Freiberger
Michael Stephan
M.A. Antonia Lütgens
Hidden fields
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